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DIY Halloween Pom Pom decoration

If i'm honest, Halloween is not my favourite date in the diary. You wont ever catch me watching a slightly scary film and even Lord Voldermort has given me nightmares. 😅

HOWEVER...Halloween can be cute too! There are so many craft posts on-line about pretty painted pumpkins and Day of the Dead rainbow garlands so, I thought I would have a go at making my own cute Halloween decoration... pom poms, tassel's and googly eyes..not a real ghost in sight!

What you will need:

  • Black, Orange & White wool
  • Pom Pom Maker or piece of card
  • Bakers Twine
  • Scissors
  • 15cm Ruler (or something a similar size)
  • Large Needle
  • Googly Eyes x3
  • Glue Gun

Let's get crafty!


Making a tassel is super quick and you don't need any special tools to make one! A ruler works well, but you could use so many different things - from a bank card to the inside tube of a toilet roll!

Once you have made the Ghost you will need to glue on his googly eyes and mouth. To make the mouth, cut open one of the eyes and used the black bit inside the plastic. Then you just need to cut into a spooky mouth and glue on the tassel.


If you have never made a pom pom then you need to! Adding pom poms to absolutely anything will always improve it. The steps below are using a Cisixin Pompom maker that I picked up from Hobby Craft.

TOP TIP - Trim, Trim, TRIM! The best looking pom poms have been trimmed to make them much smaller, but also much denser, neat and fluffy! If you pinch the pom pom in the middle and make it flat you can then trim to a circle shape - repeat this step a few times on different sides.


Once you have made your fluffy pom pom, all you need to do is use the needle to thread the bakers twine through the middle and tie a loop to hang the decoration from.

Your cute, spooky ghost is finished! If you fancy making more you could try and make a string of them to hang across a wall or even in your window ready for any trick or treaters!

We would love to see any of your Halloween creations and decorations so make sure you tag us in your photos online or pop in and show me 👻 (as long as they are not too scary) If you are local to us, Newmarket spooky nights is happening again this year, check out their Facebook page for more details.

In store this year we have a few Halloween decorations by our makers, including these ceramic ghosts by Studio Scribbles. They are £7 each or if you fancy painting one yourself pop to their shop on Sun Street, Newmarket.